UAV/Drone Ground School Courses

Since 2012 we've been offering Ground School for UAV/Drone operators and today we have 2 UAV courses, one for flying with a exemption from a SFOC, and the other for operators that require a SFOC. Both of our courses are accepted by Transport Canada and in general terms cover the "System of Aviation" in Canada.

UAV Ground School under an Exemption from a SFOC

This online course is for UAV pilots operating under exemptions from a SFOC, "up to 1 KGs" and "1 KGs to 25 KGs".

This UAV Exemptions course fulfills the requirement for a UAV Pilot ground school program on the following subject areas:

  • Airspace classification and structure
  • Meteorological and NOTAM reporting services
  • Interpretation of aeronautical charts and the Canada Flight Supplement
  • Applicable content of the Canadian Aviation Regulations

Includes 10 hours of course material including video, presentations, and quizzes. Access to the course is for 270 days from any device for one user.

UAV Exemption from SFOC Course Outline
On completion of the course a certificate of completion will be issued to be used as part of your exemption documentation.

UAV Ground School
This course is for a operator that requires a SFOC to operate.
The Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) ground school course is designed to:

  • Fulfill the criteria for a "Compliant Pilot of Small UAV System"
  • Educate the pilot/operator about the "system of aviation" in Canada.
  • Create a better understanding with Transport Canada Inspectors in regards to SFOC (Special Flight Operations Certificate) applications.

This course covers all of the topics found in the Transport Canada "Recommended Knowledge Requirements for less than 25 kg, Visual Line of Sight Guide TP 15263":

  • Air law and procedures relevant to the permit (e.g. general provisions, general operating and flight rules, air traffic control services and procedures, aviation occurrence reporting)
  • Flight instruments (e.g. altimetry, GPS, airspeed and heading indicators)
  • Navigation (e.g. aeronautical charts, pre-flight preparation), flight operations (e.g. wake turbulence causes, effects and avoidance; data and command links)
  • Meteorology (e.g. required for line-of-sight operations),
  • Human factors (e.g. aviation physiology
  • The operating environment, aviation psychology)
  • Theory of flight (e.g. basic principles),

Includes 30 hours of course material including video, presentations, quizzes, and examination. Access to the course is for 270 days from any device for one user.

UAV Course Outline

Frequently Ask Questions.

How does the examination work?
Examination for both UAV courses is included and completed online. The examination consists of random questions from the quizzes. In the event of a exam failure the candidate will wait 24 hours before reattempting. On the successful completion of the course a certificate/letter of completion will be issued.

What's a SFOC? Do I need a SFOC?
Special Flight Operations Certificate. Transport Canada has a very good website detailing when you can be exempted from a SFOC or not.

Is this course Transport Canada approved?
Yes, our courses are accepted by Transport Canada. They meet the requirement both by Staff Instruction (SI) No. 623-001, and TP1526E. Transport Canada does not approve ground schools. Transport Canada approves flight training units and the flight training unit can offer ground school training. Harv's Air Service operates Flight Training unit #3346.

What/Who is Harv's Air?
Harv's Air is a flight training unit (TC#3466), operating since 1973. Currently operating 42 airplanes and simulators from 2 locations in the Winnipeg, Manitoba area. Starting in 1999, Harv's Air started offering online ground school training toward Transport Canada examinations and flying preparation. Today we offer more then 30 online ground school courses from the Ultralight Permit to the Airline Transport Pilot Licence.

What's the history of the course?
In 2012 we started offering UAV ground school training after a Transport Canada inspector vented his frustration in dealing with SFOC applicants who didn't know anything about the system of aviation. After completing this course we started to get attention from Unmanned System Canada Association and was invited to join a working group with Transport Canada in Ottawa on crafting TP1526E. Over the course of several in person meetings and many web/phone based meetings the knowledge guide was completed in summer of 2014. This guide forms the bases of the curent UAV Online Ground School course.

Do you offer training with actual UAVs?
Not at this time.

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