New to aviation

I am thinking about starting flight training, what should I do first?

  1. Start the online ground school to prepare and learn about learning to fly.
  2. Get a Canadian Aviation Medical completed. Without a aviation medical you can't write the exam or flight test. After taking the medical it still takes 3-4 weeks to receive the medical certificate in the mail. Waiting for the goverment to send you paper in the mail is frustrating. Earlier the better.

Aviation is all new for me, what course should I start with?
It depends on your goals in aviation:

  • I want to fly UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) Commercially: UAV Course page.
  • I want to fly Ultra-light airplanes under 1232 pounds. Ultra-light course
  • I want to fly for fun with one passenger in certified airplanes and ultra-lights. Recreational Pilot Course
  • I want to fly for fun and/or start a career in aviation, and be able to fly anywhere in the world in a fixed wing airplane with no regulatory limits on the number of passengers. Private Pilot Course In Helicopters, then goto our Helicopter course page.

I want to get a Commercial Licence/Airline Transport Licence, what course should I start with?
Start with the Private Pilot Licence course, it is the first licence required to be obtained on the way to Commercial Pilot Licence or Airline Transport Licence.

When should I start flight training in the airplane?
After you have completed exercise 1-9 in the Air Exercise course.

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