Frequently Asked Questions about completing the Online Ground School

What order should I do the courses?
The presentations are designed to be used from top to bottom, but the presentations can also be done in any order.

I signed up for the Recreational/Private Pilot Ground School course and now I have access to a bunch of courses, what are they for and which one should I do first?
Air Exercise course: Start with this course. Allows a student to understand how to do the air exercises/lessons and preparation for the flight test.
PSTAR: Pre Solo Air Regulations. This is the test required for the student pilot permit.
Radio Licence: Prepares students for the radio licence exam.
Private course: This course will prepare the student for the Private written exam.
If you are starting in the airplane flying lessons soon, do the air exercise course, then the pstar, radio, and the ppl course.

How many hours do I need to do on the course?
Transport Canada requires 40 hours of ground school for the Private Licence and 80 hours of ground school for the Commercial Licence. This does not mean that a student can do these hours and be instantly ready for the exam. This is the minimum hours as required by Transport Canada and has nothing to do with being ready for the exam.

In a traditional ground school you would complete the hours in a classroom and then go home and study. Most students would easily double or triple the amount of hours studying at home compared to the time that was spent in the classroom. In the a online ground school the these hours are blended together. Students on average about 100 hours prepping for the PPL, and 130 hours for the CPL.

How do we count ground school hours?
We use a the quizzes to verify that the material was covered and equate this to a hourly figure based on the average time to complete the material.

Why not just count the hours logged in?
We have no idea if your eye balls are on the screen or that you are actively engaged in the course. Hitting play and walking away from the video does not make a ground school.

Do I have to complete all of the quizzes?
Yes, complete all of the quizzes and correct to 100% by repeating the quizzes

Why do I have to complete all of the quizzes?
This is the only way I really know how you are doing and what you are doing in the course.

How do I correct the quiz results to 100%?
Go to the end of the quiz, click submit quiz. Then restart the quiz, answer the questions, and the system will record your highest mark.

Do I have to watch all of the videos?
No. You have to learn the material enough to get 100% on the quizzes. We try to be flexible in terms of how students prepare for the exam. If you prepare best by reading from the reference manuals, do that. If you learn best by going through the presentations, then great. If you learn best by watching videos, then watch all the videos. Some combination of all the above? That's good too.

How do you suggest to go through the course?
It depends on how well you know the material. If you have never heard of the material before watch the videos and presentations at the same time. If you know some of it, use the presentations to start. If you think you know it all, go straight to the quizzes. If you go through the quizzes and get 100%, then go to the next section. If you don't have a clue and bomb the section, go back to the video.

How do I get a letter or recommendation or record of ground school for the Ultra-light, Private or Commercial exam?
Complete ALL of the practice quizzes and a achieve at least 75% average on at least 3 of the practice exams. Then fill in this form. Keep in mind that the recommendation letter is good for 60 days (please don't wait anywhere near that long, ideally 2-3 days) and only one recommendation letter per student. Courses access has to be active in order to receive a recommendation, and have completed the practice exams within the last 2 weeks. Please give us at least 48 hours notice before you plan to write the exam to get the letters emailed back to you.

What happens if I don't get 75% average on 3 practice exams?
Students who achieve less then a 75% average on the practice exams will receive a record of ground school, but not a recommendation for the exam. Only one attempt for each practice exam will be credited. A recommendation may be granted after additional tutoring.

I need more time to complete the course. How can I get more time? Will my progress be saved?
To get more time on the course goto our course renewal page. All of your progress is saved for 1 year after the course access expires.

Where do I write a Transport Canada exam?
Either at a Transport Canada Centre or with a Authorized Examination Invigilator

What flight computers are allowed for the exam?
The following electronic computers have been approved for use with all flight crew written examinations requiring numerical computations.
Jeppesen/Sanderson PROSTAR
Jeppesen/Sanderson AVSTAR
Jeppesen TECHSTAR Jeppesen

What happens if I fail the Transport Canada exam?
We would come up with a plan to fix up your knowledge by tutoring. How much tutoring depends on how you did and the effort you put into improving your knowledge. Usually you have to wait 2 weeks to rewrite.

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