Remote Ground School

“Remote ground schools” for Recreational/Private, Commercial, Instrument, and Airline Transport licences.

What is a remote ground school?
Remote ground school uses a computer and internet connection anywhere in the world. At a specified date/time you would login into the system. Like a traditional classroom experience you can see and hear the instructor teach the material. You’ll see the whiteboard and presentations like a normal class well being able to interact with other students and hear their questions and discussions.

Why do a remote ground school?
The remote ground school allows a similar experience to a classroom ground school, except from the comfort of home. No need to commute. It allows those who prefer to be led by a flight instructor access to real live person.

How does remote ground school work? How can I start?
To start off let us know the desired course and schedule by emailing we’ll let you know the available time slots and schedule. We try to work out a schedule that works for everybody. 

Who are the flight instructors?
They are experienced instructors from Harv's Air, all of which are very familar with the material and have actual flying experience. 

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