Advantages of Online Ground School

One of the biggest advantages of conducting ground school online has been our students. You are not just in classroom with just a few students, but hundreds! We've been very fortunate over the years to have excellent students with broad backgrounds. From aircraft mechanics/builders, to lawyers, to flight simulator engineers, aircraft designers, to UAV operators, to meteorologists, to air traffic controllers, to name just a few. They have given us excellent feedback and suggestions about our course material over the years. Also after students write the exams we get more feedback on the Transport Canada examinations.

We can edit the material easily and quickly. Unlike a book where when one prints a large number of books, the author is then committing to sell them before he makes a new addition. Since we can edit easily and quickly, you can be ensured that our course material is accurate and up to date.

Often the instructor in a flight school who gets selected to do a ground school is the rookie. So sitting in a ground school well somebody reads slides and does not have a good teaching ability or experience is difficult. The online ground school is taught by experienced pilots/flight instructors who know how to teach.

Online Ground School starts and ends when you are ready. You do not have to wait for your flying school to start a classroom ground school. Nor do you have to travel back and forth to the school which cost time/money. The pacing of the online ground school is up to you. You can complete the course material in a few weeks or a few months.

Students like repeating lessons they need. If you need to listen to a statement again, or review after a few months, it’s just a click away.

It works anywhere there is an internet connection. Not just on computers and laptops, but tablets and phones. For offline use students can also download the audio of the videos, allowing one to listen to ground school when driving, walking, ect.

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