Why use our Online Ground School System?

Experience. PilotTraining.ca Online ground school has been in operation since 1999. We've completed tens of thousands of ground schools for all levels of pilots. We didn't just whip the material together because it's stylish to do so during covid time.

We have a team of experience flight instructors providing support and working on constant improvement of the material.

We are the only online course, CD/DVD based system, or paper based course that provides both the ground school record for the pilot training record (PTR), and the recommendation for the exam. No need to involve another flight instructor/flight school for a letter or recommendation or record. We are a complete solution.

A T2202 Tuition and Enrollment Certificate is included allowing you to deduct the cost of our ground school courses from your income tax.

Harv's Air Flight Training (owner/developer of PIlotTraining.ca) is a flight training unit with 2 locations near Winnipeg. Presently operating 40 airplanes with 30 flight instructors. This means we have a real live laboratory to develop course material.

We've been constantly improving our video production quality. We've invested in a video studio and continue to produce 1-2 hours of new videos a week. Professional cameras, computers, software, and team running the studio.

Free form learning. If videos are the best way for you to learn, then use them! Would you rather go through the slides and animations, then do that! Want to challenge the quizzes to see what you know first, then go ahead. Need all the help you can get, then use it all! You have options depending how you best learn. It's not just videos, or just presentations, or just reading, or just practice questions, it's whatever works best for you.

Not just text of a book online. That was good enough in 1999, not good in the year 2020. Also not just a guy reading powerpoint slides on video either, that was never ok.

Aaron is our primary flight instructor for video. He is a excellent flight instructor and speaker. He will keep you engaged and interested.

Our students have been providing excellent feedback over the years. They have helped us fine tune the material based on their experience with our material and the Transport Canada written examinations.

Not just preparation for the written exam, but preparation for the air exercises and flight test.

Ground briefing time cost around 60$/hour, if you can save even a couple of hours by being prepared (and we're sure you can save, many hours), you've made the best investment in your flight training possible.

We have a good relationship with the office that produces the Transport Canada exams. We have the inside track to written test guide updates and general exam updates.

Competitive course prices. No need to drive to/from a classroom ground school. Review the lessons as many times as you need.

Quiz and exam questions have solid feedback. Step by step calculations on how the answer was calculated or a clear reference to the source material. Learn how the problem works step by step.

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