I passed my exam on April 22, 2022, with 80% score. I have been celebrating by sleeping a lot. I really struggled with practice exams which seemed extremely confusing at times and some questions needed detailed solutions. Because of tough practice exams, actual INRAT exam seemed relatively easy.

Without practice exams, I wouldn't have passed. Practice exams highlighted my weaknesses that I had to overcome -- a very important factor.

Thank you!


I passed the PPAER today  I wanted to thank you for a very detailed, current and ‘real exam-world’ study material and equally engaging presentations (Thank you, Aaron!).  Your quick turn around with any questions/requests  during these study months have been excellent. Thank you Harv’s Air!! 


I just received my results from the written test I did yesterday. I have attached the results. (pass)
This was the best online course I have ever done! I can’t thank you all enough for the high quality videos along with very thorough quizzes and exams. Will be buying the instrument course next.

Thanks to Harv's Air for a great course that prepared me for the CPAER examination. I scored 83% on first attempt. The test was not easy but also nothing too daunting thanks to your course having me well prepared. 

Good evening,
Just to let you know, I have passed the FAAAA exam today 12/04/2021.
Your course is very well put together, very well explained, your practice questions are very effective.
I will always recommend. 
Thank you 
C. L.

I wrote both the SARON/SAMRA this week and got 87.5% and 83.8% respectively.
I have a 4-year undergraduates degree, and have thus spent many hours listening to lectures... Aaron's teaching ability far exceeds that of any teacher/professor that I have ever had. he is clear and concise and keeps it interesting - I watched all the videos fully... Just thought maybe you could pass that on to him! He does a great job! 


I'd like to thank the team at Harv's Air for putting together such a detailed course with tons of study materials.

 I did all the practice exams including the locked ones and i went through the topic quizzes again. Having the reference when you get a question wrong is actually really helpful. If i got something wrong and i didn't understand why or if it didn't make sense, I'd click on the link and find out the reasoning behind it. Also redo the cross country practice quizzes and get good at it. Understand the maps and the questions, that's basically the NAV section of the exam. For MET section, make sure to know how to decrypt the GFAs, Icing and turbulence, METAR, TAFs, know unstable and stable air, thunderstorms, clouds. Also for AIR LAW, have a review of the p-star. A lot of the questions on that section on the exam I've seen in the P-star. 

When prepping for the final, make sure when doing the practice exams, you understand the questions and answers. Don't memorize the answers. 

Good luck to you all and thank you again Harv's Air Team.


Today I went and wrote my CPAER exam. I passed with 82%.

Firstly I want to reach out to all of your team, and say a huge thanks. Aaron is an amazing teacher. I don’t not say this lightly. I was sceptical at first about the entire online process, but I now know it works better than the local GS.

Thanks again for all you do Adam in corresponding.


It took me long enough, but I finally passed my written in August and last Friday (January 1st) my Flight test at 92%.


I want to Thank you for having such a great online course available to me. Without this course, I would still not be flying.



Thank you very much and thank you for the excellent content (MCC) of the online courses I had the chance to do.

Regards V.V.

Just passed written exam, 90% overall score! Thanks, the course really prepared me well. Practice exams were especially useful!


I would like to take this opportunity to thank immensely the team at Harv's Air that have, in my opinion, created the most enjoyable and complete ground school material. A particular ''chapeau bas'' to Aaron Doherty who has made the hours and hours of material both clear, fun and an absolute pleasure to listen to.


Again, I really want to say that your on-line ground school is just the best I've ever seen! I thought I was not so bad, but you provide so much more details and explain how things work, it's fantastic! Learn the "why" and not only the "how", this is really good for safety long term, many thanks! I hope I'll be able to enjoy new privileges soon with my PPL as I'm buying an M20E on co-ownership, so I'm eager to convert pretty soon!


Just wrote my PPAER. Many of the questions on the PPAER on very similar if not the same to the ones in the practice exams. 

I really enjoyed this course because I could study as much or as little as I wanted to. I found it very helpful that when you get a wrong answer on a quiz, it will explain why it was wrong and link the presentation.


Hello Harv's team,

I passed CPAER today with 84% of total.

I am really happy about finally passing the exam after all these stressful months and wanted to say big THANK YOU to all your team for such hard and tremendous work by putting all this knowledge together and constantly updating it.


Big shout-out to Aaron for presenting the material in a way that was easy to understand/comprehend (especially for someone that has been out of school for 10+ years); and the Admin team for being available to answer questions and keeping the site up to date. The lesson and topic quizzes helped immensely. I will definitely be back for the Commercial and Instrument programs.

Of the three questions I missed; one I didn't know (though reviewing notes it was covered), one I got backwards (lead/lag, of all things), and the third was a mis-interpretation of the scenario in the question. If a word is missing from the question that would change the scenario, don't assume it was missed, but left out intentionally.

Now that's out of the way, time to rack up another 15 hours and prep for the Flight test.

Happy Flying

Hello, i ve completed my PPL written with 77% overall, thanks for the great material, and simple presentation made life lot easier, i work 50 hours a week so while working i saw the videos and started learning and i got the result, thank you soo much. (During COVID)

My employer recently purchased this course (CRM) for the company and I just want to say how much I appreciate the content. I feel the knowledge gained from this course is extremely valuable and know it will apply to our diverse team in a positive way.

I especially want to note how much I truly appreciate the use of gender neutral prounouns!!!! Of my short five years in the industry I notice that the majority of the educational content out there is about (or geared toward) male pilots. It is very hard to relate as a female pilot when I am reading or hearing he, him, his. So thank you very, very much for this and keep it up! Women are very much a part of the workforce and continue to enter the world of aviation, it is important for us to be recognized in educational content as well.

All the best,

M. S.

Thanks for getting back to me so soon, just wanted to say your organization is flawless. The whole ground school experience so far has been fantastic, will for sure be joining you for commercial training.

I have been using your program to study for my PPL and my CPL and now my instrument rating and I just wanted to say THANKS .

With everything going on right now, I am very happy of my choice of doing my study online.
Which I feel very thankful at the moment. (Covid)
Thank You for you great work & support.

A. L.


I wrote the CPAER this morning and passed with an 86%. I wanted to email and say a big thank you to everyone involved. The videos were great, I watched every single one. The knowledge on the slides is nice and thorough giving everything needed. I havent ever completed a course as rewarding as this. Thank you again for all the hard work you invest in training pilots.
Sincerely, C.S.

Hi Adam,
I am glad to inform you that I have just passed my FAA/TC conversion test after studying your recommended materials online. Honestly I strongly recommend your online training for anyone who is seeking the same conversion. With out your program this could not be possible. So thank you, thank you, thank you for everything. I have attached a copy of my exam results (95%). Feel free to share it and use it in any way that can benefit the pilot training program.


Hey Adam,

Hope your well,

Wanted to drop you a line, the atpl course was extremely good not only for writing the exams but for my initial westjet encore technical groundschool thought you should know I was well ahead of the class with systems knowledge and it was all from that course of yours.

I have completed my dash 8 q400 ppc and line check i am now a westjet encore line pilot As you can see from my harvs courses it’s taken many years but I’d like you to pass on a big thank you to everyone involved in your training program.


Hi I just came back from the PPL exam and I got 93%. Really Happy. Thanks a lot Harv's air team and instructors, especially Aaron. He's the best. I will certainly do my CPL ground school with you in near future. Here is the copy of my results. Thanks again for your help. T.H.

Just wanted to express my appreciation and thanks for Pilot Training.ca. I recently purchased a FAA conversion program from your online School. This morning I wrote the exam at Transport Canada's Offices in Winnipeg. I am very pleased to tell you I passed the exam and did quite well. I thought I would pass this info on to you and you can tell Aaron he's an awesome instructor! I will certainly tell others of Pilot Training.ca and will contact you again once I begin with Instrument training. Thanks again. A.W.

Hi Pilot training TEAM!!!!
thank you very much I pass all my written and fly tests!!!! It was awesome!! I finished my CPL this week and next one I will already going to tart my instructor rating!! I will take your course too!!
So thank you very much
Bonne journée

I passed and completed my Multi IFR Flight Test yesterday. It has been a great and wonderful journey with you guys. I did all my Ground stuff from PPL, CPL, Multi and Multi IFR with you guys and it turned out to provide me flying colours in the exams. Once again, thanks a ton for all the help and the resources provided. Way to go.

I just thought I would let you know, I wrote the exam and got 90% on 6 Sept, 2016. I will be taking the flight test soon after my review flight. Thanks guys, working full time, I couldn't have done the ground school without the online option. The instruction by Aaron is excellent and the practice quizzes and exams really helped me cement everything. I had dreamt of flying 14 years ago but unfortunately had to walk away from it due to money and get another career first. At 38 years old, I am happy to say I still love flying and now I am one step closer to finishing what I once started. Thanks for all the help. I will see you in the future as I pursue higher level courses.

Wrote PPL today to a tune of 94%. Would not have scored 6% without your help. The perfect tool for my learning style. Classrooms, and driving to them are not my thing.

I wanted to send you a quick note to thank you for the great on line Instrument course. Your on line videos and quizzes helped me tremendously to get a 90% today on my INRAT (Took it at Transport offices in Calgary today).
Keep up the awesome work that you guys do at Harvair. Please pass on my thanks to your team as well.


Happy New Year!

Hello Adam
I Would like to thank you and the others at Harvsair for an excellent online IFR ground school. I have attended lots of University schooling in my life and the IFR ground school was of superior standard. Well done. I sat the INRAT on Friday and got very good marks (94%) I have referred lots other prospects to Harvsair online ground school.

Dr. S

Hi Adam.
I just wanted to let you know that I did the TC PPL written portion today and passed with 94%. Thanks to Harv’s Air for putting together a very interesting, organized and comprehensive program. I couldn’t imagine one that is better. I will certainly be taking advantage of your more advanced courses as time goes on and the need arises.
R. P.

Thank u so much Adam.. i am so happy that i got to choose your school and i also happy that i got good marks on my test (PPL)

Thanks so much for your amazing service, my students are enjoying the course and those who have completed the course have done very well in the PPL final Transport exam. Average mark is over 90
Champion Air Park

Hi there I've just completed your course on the FAAAA exam for Transport Canada. The exam was much as you described and with some solid work through your courseware I was able to pass comfortably. Many thanks

Hi Adam, in one of your emails it was suggested that I forward the results of my PPL exam to you. So here it is! I thoroughly enjoy your online course and can say without any hesitation it prepared me very well for the PPL exam. I found the flexibility of turning Aaron off when he wasn't needed and listening to him when he was, really helped me learn and retain the course material. I'm a 57 year old retiree who is following his life long dream of flying. Thank you again and this was money well spent!!!


PS I sent you a picture of my Piper Cherokee 180.

Dear Adam Just want to say thank you for a great online learning experience, I look forward to seeing Aaron in the future. See you all in the wild blue yonder.

Your educational material is good, your questions are tricky and I particularly liked the Quiz on TAFs and Metars.. Very nice to see questions that are of a practical and useful nature!! Just excellent. Made me think a lot.

I completed the UAV course back in February and I wanted to thank Aaron (And all the staff involved in making the course). This course help me get a complex SFOC. I have a job this Saturday flying a UAV near CYEG (Edmonton International Airport) not far from runway 20. I had to request flight from the airport and once approved, I had to issue a NOTAM (160566 CYEG EDMONTON INTL) It’s been an awesome journey. Thanks again to Aaron.

Thank you again. Wanted to reiterate how fundamentally great your sight is. I have gone to start my PPL 2 x over the last 10 years and found classes instruction, presentation, depth and ease of explanation ability, organization, and instructor teaching methods - across the board were a fraction as well laid out and understandable as your site. I know I will get thru it this time, and understand all required well. All private schools should do deals with you to use your program as the driver of their course instruction and their instructors more to manage the process and air exercise actual.

Please accept my heartfelt thanks for your personal assistance and attention in this endeavor, particularly, when I requested to upgrade from the RPP. I'd also like to extend a thank-you and commendations to your staff for putting together such a fabulous on-line program. It is a tremendous resource to the Canadian aviation industry in general and a credit to your organization. I would not hesitate to recommend PilotTraining.ca to anyone looking to start ground school or advance their credentials. It was a lot of work, very comprehensive material, but a distinct pleasure.


I don't know if we gave you this feedback yet... Both my 20 year old daughter and I, her 53 year old father, benefitted from pilottraining.com's online ground school this summer. We started your course May of 2016 and I wrote my Transport Canada Private Pilot Airplane written exam in July. My daughter wrote hers early in August. We scored 99% and 95% respectively ! I subsequently passed my flight test late in July and my daughter passed hers in mid August. That makes us satisfied and successful clients of yours - a big Thank You !


Excellent course materials and website by the way. Very impressed with the how smoothly it worked and the professionalism of the presentation and videos.
I B.

I wrote the Ops Manager exam today - 90% first attempt.

Your program was a big help

Thank you

Hi Adam, I just wanted to let you know rob Passed!! He is so excited and is so appreciative of your course and all the help you gave him!! He recommends your course very Highly!! Thanks again!! He is thinking about his commercial licence now. Darla

Adam FYI, I went and wrote the (PPL) exam yesterday. Passed with 83%. Your on-line program is very in-depth and really prepares you for the tests.
E. M.

Just used pilottraining.ca for my INRAT... great online program from a great school.

I did the Harvs FAA conversion courses on their website. I found them excellent, they were put together nicely so that anyone could navigate them. Lots and lots of information! I would definitely recommend them.
AvCanada (discussion forum)

Dear Adam, I passed the FAAAA conversion exam, and the material that you provided was very helpful and well presented. I will recommend your online courses to other work colleagues of mine who are interested. Thank you, Regards,

Good Morning Adam I was very pleased with my marks, your CPL ground school was amazing it prepared me extremely well for that exam. I will be signing up for your IFR ground school shortly. Thanks!

Great course, Adam. Thx for all your support throughout.
I will highly recommend this course to any new UAV operator.
Bonne chance

Hey, Your ground school is awesome! I got 93% on the PPL exam. There's no way I could have completed this in a classroom with my work schedule. The price is an absolute steal. You've done a fantastic job with the content. I'll be back for the IFR!

By the way, the dispatch course material was very good. I am recovering from a serious illness - so it took me way longer than expected - but thoroughly enjoyed all modules and exams. Credit to you guys. Aaron has a good sense of humour, which made it so much easier. All the best from Brisbane,


I did my ppl at the Ottawa flying club and although they were good Aaron is def the most knowledgable instructor I have had. The amount of indepth knowledge I got from that course blows other courses away. I really feel like I understand the stuff as compared to just memorizing it. You guys really do have a good product.

Hi Adam,
Just wanted to let you know I have completed the final exam and passed with flying colours. I'd like to thank you and the team at pilottraining.ca! The UAV course was very informative and interesting and fun to do. Thanks again and look forward to receiving a completion certificate.

H. E.

Hello Adam, Thank you for sending me the letter of recommendation and record of schooling. I wrote my final the other day and passed! I really enjoyed the online course, I learnt alot and it really prepared me for the TC final. Without the option of doing my schooling online I would never would have been able to pursue my PPL.
Thank you Harv's Air,

Thank you! I very much enjoyed all the extras that are offered through your product. The air exercises are great to review and study prior to help prepare for my valuable and costly flight lessons. I hope to sign up with Harv's Air again down the road as I embark on this aviation journey.
Best Regards,

Hello to all at pilottraining.ca Thank you for your FAA to TCAA conversion course . Worked through out all presented materials . Excellent refresh on some forgotten topics. Well putted educational material. Passed my exam at 92%. Regards,

Thanks Adam, got 80%! I think the whole course is superb and extremely broad, don't want to know how many hours took me but, it's all worth it! F.B.

Great thank you so much for the quick response. Your online school has been amazing, more than I've learned in the classroom in the past!

Dear Adam
I prepared for my Tpt (FAAAA) Canada conversion test using your online course.
Just to put on records- excellent coverage and great presentation.
My compliments to the whole team at Harv's Air, especially Capt Aaron Doherty for the thorough treatment of each topic.
I got all of them correct.
Best regards.

Hello Adam,
I'm writing to thank you for the awesome material you've compiled on pilot training.com.I have been enrolled in your CPAER course since April and I have passed my exam with excellent grades.I'm now able to proceed with conversion of my foreign CPL. Kind regards,

Dear Adam,
The present is to let you know that I have successfully passed the TC written exam and that I got my licence!
I would like to thank Harv's Air for making online ground school possible!
Your powerpoints, videos and quizzes are amazing and they made a big difference in my preparation for training and exams!
Thank you so much!
A. I.

Awesome, thanks Adam. Great course btw (UAV) really learned a lot about the aviation side of things.
Kind Regards

CPAER passed with 93% marks
I wrote my test on June 29 and am very happy to say, I passed in my first
attempt with marks way above my expectations. Thank you to your team for
building such a thorough online course.

Hi Adam, Thank you very much for your prompt response and processing procedures. Much appreciated. This was truly a great course and very well done. I feel much confident writing the TC exam. Hope you have a great day and fly safe Cheers M.A.

I recently took my FAAAA (FAA ATPL to the Canadian equivalent conversion) exam. It took me only 14 minutes to answer the 25 questions of the test scoring a 92% I really think you have done a great work with this training and I really think it is very accurate.
Again, thank you so much for the training you provided me with. All the best.

Hello! This morning, I completed successfully my first CPAER attempt. I'm really happy with the result. The ground trainning with pilottraining.ca is perfect for me! Thanks for your support!


I just wanted to Thank you guys at Harv’s for making this Ground School available online! I enjoyed studying and have learned a great deal. Thanks to the team @ pilottraining.ca

Thank you very much for giving me this opportunity. The Online training I found to be very thorough and informative. I will most certainly recommend this course to others.

I recently completed my UAV ground school program with Pilottraining.ca and was extremely impressed with the amount of material I was able to cover in such a short time. There is not only a great deal of material to read but also instructional videos that provides a lot information and details about each section covered. There are quizzes for each section followed by your final exam which also covers ROC-A exam and not to mention that the course covers all Transport Canada recommended knowledge requirements. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to fly a UAV on a professional level or as a hobby. Flavio Martincowski Jr. CEO / President VTOL X-Drones Inc.

Thanks from the very informative online training. I just passed my CPL written and would defiantly recommend your course to others.

Dear Mr. Penner,
Thank you for processing this request so promptly. I have enjoyed the course very much and beautifully presented by Adam.
Yours sincerely, D.C.

I just wanted to say that the (UAV) course is great. I have held permits for quite some time and this course has been very informative even for someone with experience. I work for SkyWard.io and I just wanted to let you know we are sending a couple of people over to you for the ground school training.
Thanks again Adam

Hello Adam,
Just wanted to update you guys. I wrote my Transport Canada PPL theory test this last week. Fortunately I passed the exam, with an average mark of 86%. No subject area was less than 80% and I'm please to say I received 100% on the navigation section. Having taken your program I felt very prepared in writing the exam, and I think the results prove it. I would recommend your program for anyone wanting to make sure they have completely mastered the PPL ground school subject matter.
Regards, P.C.

Thank you for the excellent work setting this online school up. As a shift worker it was impossible to find a ground school and you guys were the answer. Thanks again for your program, I'll be sure to return for future ratings.

Hi, just wanted to let you know that I passed - and got 100% in air law as well - thank you for your services and I look forward to continuing your program and taking the multi-IFR course in the near future.

Hi Adam,
Just wanted to say thanks to you and all the staff at pilottraining.ca. I passed my PPL written exam yesterday with 74% overall ( with 100% in navigation !) The practice exams and flash cards were right on. Cheers,

I just wanted to let you know that I passed the private exam. The course really prepared me well for the test.

Adam, thanks so much.
The course was excellent. If I'm ever in your area, I'd love to take one of those aerobatic demonstration flights! Looks like so much fun! I completed my flight test back in October, so this is the last step. It's been a long journey, but it feels great. Keep up the terrific work at pilottraining.ca!

Hi, i did your amazing courses, i got my IFR and my CPL using ur school online. btw Aaron is the best instructor, he can explain everything so clear and good, and i learned from him in my house much better then i learned from any instructor in ground schools.
Thank you very much

Hi Adam,
I wrote the CPAER this morning and greatly succeeded! If anyone, like me, is facing the challenge of balancing flight training with workload and family life, this course is an excellent means of completing the Commercial ground school requirement. A hearty thank you to Adam and the team at Harv's Air for putting this together!
D. A.
P.S. When I'm ready, your INRAT course will have a new customer.

Just a quick email to say Thank You, your P-STAR course was great, I got 100 percent because of your class.
Aaron's videos are well done and thorough. I will be also taking your ground school, even though I have done an in class one already.
Dave McIver

Hello Adam,
I wanted to thank you and the team at Pilottraining.ca for the excellent product and service you guys provide. I have successfully passed my PPL written exam with 80% and this is in huge part due to how the quizzes and the overall lessons are provided through your site.You guys are doing a great job, and I am today a pilot thanks to you. Great job! S.G.

HI Adam
Thank you very much.
Please extend to everyone at Harvs Air my thanks! your online CPL course is fantastic I am recommending it highly to everyone.

Thanks for the instructor's course. Aced the flight test.

Hi Guys! I thought I would let you know that I wrote the CPAER this morning. My overall was a 91% with 100% in Air Nav! Thanks a lot for your great instruction.

I would just like to say a have thoroughly enjoyed your courses they have worked really well for me. I work at a flight school in Alberta and any student who cannot commit to our ground school, I and others from the school strongly recommend using your courses.
Thanks again

Adam, just wanted to let you know I passed the CPL exam on 05 June. Wanted to thank you for the online option and let you know that the course and practice exams was right on par with what TC was looking for.
Thanks again. Will no doubt sign up for the IFR course in the next year.

PS I just sat and passed my dispatcher exams last weekend after using your course. Thanks for everything, it's a great program

hello Adam,
yesterday i did my ATPL written test and i passed.Even though i did read from the CARS ,and A.I.M ,but to be honest
the course that i bought it from (pilottraining.ca) was great and i was (happy) with it as you promised me if you remember.
I wanted to say thank you and if you do me a favor and on behalf of me to say thank you to Aaron he is a great Instructor.
all the best

Good afternoon, i just wanted to let you know i passed my written test today with 77% grade. Thank you for the great website and teaching options. The quizzes, practice tests and the flashcards really ensured I was able to learn what I needed too. Thanks again.

Thanks Adam. I appreciate the speedy reply. I really enjoyed the online coarse. It is very informative and well explained. I wish I new you offered this for my PPL. It would have saved me a lot of time and money. I will recommend this coarse to anyone. Thanks again

Hi Adam,
Thank you for the letter of recommendation. I just wrote the exam today and scored a 99 % (PPL exam). I would like to thank you and everyone at Harv's Air for providing a great product.
Best regards,

Hi Harv's Air,
Just wanted to say thanks for a great ground school experience. I passed my TC Written PPL Exam with a deciding score of 86% - with a great sub-score of 95% in Air Law.
Aaron provided a great video experience and I look forward to continuing with the Commercial ground school. For now, I just need to continue working on my PPL hours.
To that end, there are still lots of videos I would like to continue watching including the Flight Exam Preps and such.

Good morning Adam,
I wrote the CPAER on the 14th and scored 91%. Thanks again for a great ground school product.

PS: I must say I have really enjoyed the CPL course and I will not hesitate to recommend it to my friends. Now onto the INRAT portion!

Went to TC and did the FAAPA exam. Disappointed in that I didn't score a 100% and had to settle for a 95% because of a mistake in licensing which you clearly covered in the material.
The reason I was not nervous or for that matter even concerned about passing was because of your coursework. It is bang on right, 100% representative of the FAAPA question style and completely appropriate for the preparation for this exam. I made no reference to TC's CARs as I did not have to - you covered all the relevant parts in plain English. So a HUGE thank you! The best $50 I ever spent in aviation and you are absolutely welcome to stick that on your site as a testimonial and if needed for any personal reference feel free to contact me.

Hi Adam, just wanted to let you know I did my Mullti Engine flight test on Sunday. It went really well and just wanted you to know I really appreciated all the Multi info you provided - was a great supplement to my actual flight training. In particular, I found the videos of the air exercises very helpful with their accompanying slides. Really helped me with the entry and recovery for each item. Thanks again!

I just wanted to provide some feed back on the CPL Groundschool course. I thought it was excellent, goes above and beyond. I found it to be very helpful. I have sat through CPL Groundschool before in classroom settings with new flight instructors/ instructors in training who seemed very unsure of them self and could not elaborate, which was extremely frustrating. This is not the case with your course. I wrote the CPL Exam Monday morning and was successful.

Tests are all done (FAA to TC Instrument and Commercial), study guides were a huge help! Got 90% on both. Thanks a lot.

I very much enjoyed the online course, thank you for providing such a high quality product. I've already recommended your courses to several friends and will continue to do so.


Hi Adam, good day sir!"
I just passed the FAAAA this morning! Much easier than expected I got 96%, just got one question wrong about the crew rest period. Your course prepared me very well indeed, thank you!!!

I just passed the written exam. Thanks for providing a great distance learning experience.

I am really enjoying the ground school program. The videos are great!!

I wrote my PPL written exam on Monday and passed. Thanks for the great course, I did no other studying other than your course and passed with flying colors.

Hey Adam,So I have passed my exam with no real problems I was very well prepared, I'd like to thank you and you staff for the support you provide. This online ground school is an excellent program and made it possible for me to be able to finish my license before my 365 days were up. With my schedule there is no way I could have finished this in time if I couldn't do it online. I will definitely be recommending your program to anyone I talk with!
Thanks again,

I very much enjoyed the videos and look forward to continuing onto my IFR after passing the PPL this spring. I will be signing up again as I find your method of teaching videos is conducive to being able to learn on my schedule.


I would also like to say that I am still extremely satisfied with your product as I have been ordering the online ground school for every rating I have done since I did my CPL in 2010!

Hi Adam
So let me tell you a big thanks to the whole team cause the site is Awesome. I recommended two of my friend for their PPL-CPL and CPL.

Hey, I just want to say thanks for such a good online ground school. It taught me a lot, and I passed my written so that's always good.

Thanks again, S.B.

Good evening Adam,
I just wanted to let you know that I scored 95% on my PPAER, and i'd like to thank you and your team in helping me achieve this. Your online ground school is the only way that I can work a full time job with shift work, and do my flight training at the same time. I'm looking forward to using your other courses as my training progresses! Thanks again!

Hello Adam,
I did great on the Commercial Written, 92%.
Harv's air is awesome, I really enjoyed the online learning.
Thanks for all the help!!

The exam went Awesome. 76%. (Remote Online Ground School for PPL)
Will probably use you again in the future Emmanuel. Like your style and pace of teaching. Everything worked out great. Thanks a lot, have a great weekend smile

On another note I showed pilot training’s web site and videos to three different fight instructors here in the Montreal area and they were extremely impressed with the format and videos, with specific mention to Aaron’s skills at explaining aviation systems, terms, procedures and techniques. Looking forward to flying in the IFR world soon and I can honestly say that your courses are a great compliment to my theory and practical instructions I am enrolled in now. Have a good day and safe flying.

Just wanted u to know that I will be enrolling IFR this month. I enjoyed my commercial ground and passed it on the first try NO partial, and will continue to do my ground training thru pilottraining.ca. So, happy that my friend phillip lucas who has taken many courses thru pilottraining.ca introduce me to the training. I will continue to recommend to others.
P. A.

Compliments of the season! Its been rigorous and hectic studying the Flight Dispatcher ground school, but it was a success at last. I applied for a flight dispatcher job, (on the job training while working) last year September, and my exam and interview was scheduled for 2nd of January, 2014, which is today, which was the reason I took the flight dispatcher course with pilottraining.ca.
Among the 18 of us that applied for that position (assistant flight dispatcher OJT) I was the only one selected with outstanding remark of good performance (both theory and practical using flight computer) Your online training had been so helpful, and I will personally recommend it for anyone planning to pursue a career in aviation.

First of all I wanted to tell you that the ground school for Chief Pilot and Ops manager was extremely helpful. Thanks very much and good Job.


I really enjoyed doing the online course and I thought it was very well done. I learned a lot and it was a great way for me to do it while I am working full time. I am thankful that you guys have done such a good job putting it together and making available. I will definitely recommend your course to students in the future.

I passed the PPL exam today, got 80 !If I ever need to do more training [ IFR . COMER, HELICOPTER if I win the lottery grin ] I will use your web site again for sure !!!!!Thanks again

Thank you Adam.
You are doing a wonderful job. I started flying from 1999 September and attended the class room ground school 3 times in the past. This is the fourth time. Also I have 215 hrs (dual and solo). From my experience with many instructors, I find that your way of teaching is the best. Very useful and economical. You have the art of teaching.
Thank you again.

Thanks Adam, perfect.Just so you know, I have passed your online course on to many others who are doing their CPL and IFR. I have been constantly surprised at how good it is, but your customer service is better than anything I have experienced, ever. Keep up the good work and you will dominate the market! I will be back for my ATPL when I am finished with the IFR and multi grin

BTW -- I love the groundschool. Passed my PPL written exam and got high marks.
Best regards,
O. G.

This is A.X., a student of the online CPL ground school.
Thank you so much for this wonderful course. I have passed the CPAER written exam (at a score of 87%), and passed my flight test on the first attempt.

Hey Adam,
Test went all good. Very well done course, couldn't have done what I'm doing without it. I completed this course at the end of a work term at teh very end of summer and finished while in my last semester of my Mechanical Engineering Degree. In all, about a month and a bit at most. Thanks very much, nothing but good things to say about the course,
A.A. (CPL)

Just wanted to share with you my exam result. I got 95% and wanted to thank you for a well prepared course which in turn allowed me to do well.
V.S. (PPL)

Thanks so much.
Pilottraining was a great experience. I'm recommending everybody I meet. I'll keep doing that for a long time smile

Program complete. Scored 93 on the PPL exam. Thanks!

thanks and i'm loving the course. it is clear and takes everything step by step which makes it easier to understand. I rocked on navigation quiz 1 and 2...it built up by confidence because I was really scared of this section. now I know I can succeed. thank you

Hi Adam -
I've just completed the FAAAA exam here, in Moncton - 88%. Just wanted to say thanks for the great online course.
The exam was pretty much as expected, and I felt that your course was excellent for preparing to write it.

To begin with I would like to thank you for a great training program. I have learned so much in the past few months.
Thank you & Regards, til' next time (CPL ground school)

I just wanted to say thank you all for the online course on FAAAA. I took the exam in late July in Toronto and scored 88%. I was underestimating the scope of FAAAA and I would have been left unprepared had I not enrolled in the course. I find the course the best for the purpose in terms of scope, efficiency, and expense.

Good afternoon,
Just to let you know that I recently wrote my commercial exam & got 84%. The course was very useful & I learned a lot more things than what is required for the exam.
Highly recommended course.
Thank you, B. S.

mr penner

i am writing to let you know that i wrote and passed the cpl written on 5 july with an overall grade of 83%.
i would like to thank you and all the crew at harv's air for your help. the course was excellent in content, layout and presentation. in addition, your response to emails, whether related to technical issues or questions about the course material was always exceptionally prompt and helpful.

i have and will continue to highly recommend your online ground school to anyone who asks about the experience or is looking to complete flight training. i would especially like to thank mr doherty. my job involves part-time teaching so i have first hand experience in this difficult craft. i also understand the amount of time and effort it takes to prepare and produce what appear to be such casual presentations.

the "white board" discussion were outstanding, particularly those on frontogenesis and frontal passage which finally made sense to me.

i completed this course while working full time at a non-aviation job. for the past 9 months i came home from work most evenings, made a cup of coffee and settled in for a "conversation" with mr doherty. i will miss these sessions.

if i am ever in your neck of the woods i will drop in to personally express my gratitude for helping me overcome another hurdle in achieving a longstanding ambition.
in the meantime, thanks again.


Hi Adam,

Just want to let you know I got an 87% on the CPAER. Thanks for the online ground school experience, I enjoyed it and it seemed to be adequate preparation for the test.

I would also like to extend my thanks to you and your staff, in particular Aaron. The course was top notch! I found the material to be informative and timely, and professional. It is clear that you continuely improve the material. I appreciate the efforts you all put into it. I have completed the course with a very positive view of it and your organization. I hope to meet you and the others in the future. Actually, I am interested in exploring the aerobatic rating you offer at some point in the future.

Thank you Adam, just to let you know I've never seen a company with a tech support like pilottraining, excellent job , thanks again,

TC PPAER written examination done and DUN,saturday morning, final mark 84%. Thanks for everything.

Hey Adam,
Got 85% on the CPL written! Thanks for the course. I am kicking myself because most of the questions I got wrong were silly mistakes.
Have a great summer and happy flying.

FYI ive passed the SARON exam, got 84% last friday. Im happy with that. Thank you once again for all your modules and courses youve provided me with. They were so well done and extremely informative. I couldnt have done it so well without them. If I hear of people coming to Canada to fly,ill be definitely passing on your details for the courses.

Just want to thank Aaron Doherty, im doing my commercial as well as my IFR rating, and the first time i love learning meteorology and first time i can stay awake and focus when i study mechanic its with Aaron. thank you so much you doing a great job.
Thank you

I have to say that the program you run is very sharp. I find this technique works well for me. (and my schedule of course)
I was recommended to you by my flight instructor at Ottawa Aviation Services as he determined to be a better fit for me.
Thanks for the excellent ground school setup.
Hi Adam,
I have found your commercial ground school course to be informative and challenging. The presentation and following video was very helpful to understand the concept.
Thank you and the school for your excellent program.
Great program you guys created. Passed my conversion exam (FAACA) with ease. Thanks for the help!!
Thanks for your time, and an excellent groundschool! I really like the setup you guys have there. I'll see you soon for my multi ifr.
Thanks for the training material for the FAAAA exam.
Worked as advertised.
Passed with no problem.
Just thought I would let you guys know, that I passed INRAT yesterday with a respectable 78 percent pass mark. Your online schooling was second to none and gave me a good grounding.
Good afternoon, Mr. Penner,
First, let me take this opportunity to commend you and your flight school for an absolutely stellar online ground school. I have been working on the CPL materials for the past several weeks and have found the CPL program to be intensely thorough and also enjoyable. I have spent over 100 hours studying the materials, as well as doing all of the quizzes and topic quizzes. Thank you again for creating such a useful and invaluable ground school, Mr. Penner.
Hi Adam, just thought I'd let you know that I wrote the cpl in toronto on Mon and pulled off an 80 percent. Thanks for the letter, and a great course.
Just as an aside, I am currently a Navigator in the RCAF and have taken a lot of ground school throughout my career. I wanted to let you know how impressed I am with your product and the level of understanding you are able to impart to students in the online forum. Thanks and have a good day R.H.
A little delayed, but just wanted to take a minute to thank you guys for the well taught and thorough ground school and help provided. Even after having a wicked day-long migraine the day of the exam as well as driving 3 hours to the nearest TC examination place i still managed to pull 78% on the CPAER while finishing in just 2hrs. Have already recommended you guys to others and will be back for the IFR after i get my instructor rating.
Cheers, M. K.
Just wanted to send a quick thank you email. I wrote my exam yesterday and was able to get a 97% on it. The online course did a great job of preparing me for the exam and I will make sure to recommend it to anyone I know going for a PPL. Thanks again,
Thanks a ton! I also just have to say that your program is incredible. While I understand that most aspiring pilots are instructors simply to get on to the next stage, and it isn't easy, it's so nice to have someone instructing who does not merely read a power point word-for-word and who also, anticipates the questions most students would have. On the internet no less, where I can have the flexibility I need! The resources are fantastic and I know that the knowledge base behind it all is sound and full of experience. I also love that I can use the exercise portion of the program to prepare for the flight test.
Thought you guys should know that the product you offer is genuinely higher quality. I'll have to swoop in to Harv's sometime in my 150! (CPL student)

I am a current user of the Commercial/Instrument course...I passed my TC Commercial Exam last month (75% ..I kind of messed up my Nav Portion but overall did quite well on Air Law/Gen/Met) ...Working two jobs while studying...and having moved back to Canada after a long time to convert my foreign license..I was quite happy with myself with such a busy schedule. I am currently proceeding closely towards my commercial flight test and focusing on going towards my Instructors Course end of January. smile PilotTraining.ca really helped me a lot, giving me ofcourse my own time to do it as well as great instructors to get through the course. I really enjoyed Aarons humurous and great teaching style. It always kept me alive in the classroom and made everything so interesting! He may not know me but I felt through the course that I got to know him a lot! He has gained tremendous amounts of respect from me as teacher and as a mentor through my License Conversion. I would like to thank him personally and the management for making such a great interactive way of studying for students in stituations like mine and I hope it keeps improving!


I took, and passed, the FAAAA in Winnipeg last Friday. Your course was valuable.

I just wanted to say that I can't thank you enough. After struggling for over a year studying for the CPL on my own, trying to read and interpret every textbook I could get my hands on, a friend told me about your online ground school. I was skeptical at first, never having done any schooling online before. But once I got into it, I loved it! Everything is so well done, from the presentations to the quizzes.

I also read all the testimonials, most of the students boasting at least 80% or more on their CPLs. I barely made it through my PPL on a partial pass with a rewrite, so I never dreamed I could get through the CPL with much more than a 60%. Well, I wrote the CPL today and got an 85% overall, with a 90% in Air Law! (the subject I failed on my PPL the first go-round) I couldn't be happier, and it's all thanks to you guys. Keep up the good work! I will (and already have!) recommend your ground school to everyone I know that needs it!

Thanks for the great course. I wrote a couple weeks ago and got a 94%. I'll certainly get in touch for future ground school needs.

Garrett wrote his PPL exam this morning and passed with an 86% mark. We are very happy with that mark.
Thought I'd pass this along for your interest or stats. Great course. Very thorough.

Dear Adam
I passed TC CPL Written Exam. Your ground school very good to me. Thank you for your teaching.

I am completely satisfied with this Harv's online ground school. The TC INRAT exam turned out to be almost identical to the practice exams on here and I ended up with an awesome score. Some questions that I remember being on are...

Hi Adam,
I passed my exam with 82% score! I think the practice exams were quite a good reflection of the real exam. Thanks for all your help I found the online training material very helpful!

Sorry again for the short notice I gave you in order to get your recommend for the written PPL exam. Thankfully I was able to write the exam today and got 95%. Hallelujah! Thank you kindly for all your help with the online ground school.

Thought I'd drop you a note to say how much I enjoyed your classes.
You really helped me put it all together and your explanations went way further than required for just the INRAT which I successfully wrote last week.
You guys really do have a great product and I am very pleased with the course.
Money well spent in my opinion.

Hello Adam!
Thought I'd let u know that I passed the PPL exam at Transport Cda. I want to thank you for the terrific course material (there was a heck of a lot more material than I imagined it would be...and well worth it).

I just thought that I would write a quick email to say thank you for the commercial ground school course. I wrote my exam on Monday and passed with 83%, and I am very thankful for your course which made this possible. I can only imagine that it has been an incredible amount of work to put the course together and to put it online. But it is a great thing for people like me who are at small flight schools that can't run a commercial ground school of their own. And I found the course to be very well put-together. It was comprehensive and organized, the videos were great, and it was a wonderful feature to be able to post questions or comments on the discussion forums and know that they were likely to be answered within a few days. And I am very appreciative that you are able to offer the course at such a reasonable price. I now wish that I had known about Harv's Air when I was doing my private license, your course is much more organized than the ground school that I did.

So thanks again for a great course! And thanks once again to Kyle for writing my recommendation letter for me on a Sunday.

I wrote my INRAT this week and managed to pass with an 84%. Just wanted to say that the IFR ground school really helped out. You guys have an excellent online flight school. Hopefully I will be just as successful with my CPL written.

Hi. I took the FAAAA exam yesterday and got 88%. I should have done better because ALL the questions were covered in your course and the ones I missed I thought I answered correctly. Many thanks for this excellent course, I will pass the word.

Wanted to let you know, i wrote the INRAT today, and with the help of your course, i got 96%! Im looking forward to using the online course you have for the instructor rating!

Hey Guys.
I am back in Europe after taking the FAAAA exam and I pass, I just wants to thanks for the help I got from the online course. very, very helpful, good Job.
All the best for 2012 and continue working like that.
Best Regards.
A319/320/321 Captain
JAA Airbus Examiner

I passed my CPL exam today. I used your website as an aid to my local commercial flight training program and I have to say, your material is more often than not what has stuck in my head. It was more fun and since I could do it at my own pace, eat and fart in class etc. I retained more. The Ground School portion is absolutely phenomenal.

I also want to thank you and the team at pilottraining.ca for making such great study material available. It really is just so practical (and easier to refer to), and having the course videos is a great way to go beyond written material, and all of it was the major part of my preparation.

Here I would also like to thank you for your excellent school online. I scored 90% in my cpl written. All credit goes to you.

I have now used Harv's for the Private and Commercial ground school and really enjoyed the learning experience. Thanks a million.

Thanks for you help and putting on an excellent Ground school. Personally, you are well engaged in the day to day operation, and answer question and/or modify them quickly to improve the quality of the program.
I was thoroughly impressed.

I loved the ground school, very helpful and the multimedia approach to things really helped solidify it all. I am definitely coming back for the commercial ground school.

Thanks very much. I wrote the PPL exam today, and passed with a 96%.
I also flew my first solo on Wednesday, and survived to tell the tale!

I'm quite happy with your online ground school, and would certainly
recommend it to others. The convenience of being able to study at odd
hours, rather than having to come into a classroom on a schedule, was
very useful for me.

Just some feedback for you, I really enjoyed this course and the format it was delivered online. As a fellow who has done my fair share of correspondence courses, I thought the layout and delivery of this course was great. As I work a 7 and 7 rotation, the online course was the perfect option for me - as opposed to missing a whole bunch of in-class sessions and dragging my ground school out over a year or so. I look forward to continuing my studies in the near future with your IFR course.
Thanks J.B

I took the TC ppl written exam today morning, the grade is 93 smile)
Thank you very much for your great online school!
Thank you,

Hi Adam,
Just thought I would let you know that I passed the PPLAER exams
yesterday. PTL, I got 84% final mark.
Thanks again to yourself & all the other Instructors for the great job
in running the course.
Best wishes for the future, God Bless.

Adam, just wanted to let you know that I scored an 83% on the PPL exam today. Thanks for everything. The course was well laid out and working on it from home in between work and life commitments made it pretty handy!
Thanks again

Hi Adam,

I got your letter of recommendation this morning, and just wanted to let you know that I managed to pass with an 80%. Your online ground school courses prepared me very well for the exam, and the instructor for the course is one of the best I have seen. I will highly recommend Harv's Air to anyone in the field looking for instruction !
Thanks again for all your help,

I would like to pass along to you that today, I successfully passed the
AIRAF Exam with a score of 87.9%. I would like to thank you for the excellent Online Ground School Program that you administer, which has made this result possible.

Hey Adam,
CPL complete - 88%. thank you. Apparently the TC registrar was saying you have a lot of business. Congrats - glad it's working out for you. I expect to be back for the IATRA and ATPL soon.

Hi Adam, I just wanted to give feedback after writing the TC RPP test yesterday. Your online Ground school definitely prepared me well, scored 96.3 . The fact is the TC test was allot "less" than the practice tests and the info covered in the course, but that is all good. The one thing that you still have to watch is time management, you have enough time ,but the Nav and calculations take up a fair amount of time . Thanks for everything : K.M.

Hey Adam,
I took the Commercial test yesterday and passed with an 87%. I just wanted to thank you guys for your great program that you've developed it helped me tremendously!
Thanks Again,

Ps - I wanted to say that the pilot training.ca is an excellent site. I really enjoyed studying for my cpl and found it really helped to write the exam.
The nav part I found challenging because of not having the hands on experience of the maps in a class room setting, but all in all, it was a fabulous way to learn.

Wanted to thank Harv's Air once again - I got 87 % on my CPL Exam so now its just down to they flying.... your Ground School Course is truly way better than others out there though!

Hi Adam,
Thanks for the great help the your ground school is awesome I passed the CPL written with 83%

Thanks for the reply and recommend letter. Really enjoyed the ground school. It was very thorough and covered some things not always found in text books. I look forward to rereading much of the material while I have access time left, while I finish up my commercial license. I really appreciate Aaron's in depth explanation, cover all aspects teaching. Great personality and as I likely pursue an instructor rating, I would like to emulate the same enthusiasm to my potential instructing.

Hello Adam,
I just would like to thank you for your excellent courses. I used your Flight Instructor Rating course as a sole course to study the flight instructor rating exam, and I got yesterday a 93% grade at my AIRAF exam.
Be sure I will talk about to courses to all my fellow pilots here in Montreal.

Hi Adam,
I just want to thank you and your online school for helping me to pass the CPL written with a pretty good score. Special thanks to Aaron Doherty for his exceptional talent of making complex things look simple.
Again, my true appreciation for the excellent work you guys are doing,

I passed my Multi IFR last Thursday.
Without your online courses (I work full time) I could not have completed the training.
My next series is the two person crew course (possibly Instructor).
Thank you once again!

Just a quick note to say that I successfully completed my Commercial written exam. I scored 94% I wanted to thank you for having the on-line ground school. With my work life i couldn't possibly have attended a traditional weekly ground school. I feel like if anything, i was over prepared.
Keep up the good work.

Just a quick note to say thank you!
I passed my Commercial Flight test this week with Flying colors here in Victoria. Thank you for all your help. Your program is perfect for the working professional to fit in to a busy schedule and study!

Thanks Adam I scored 85% on my written test. Great course it prepared me

I just wanted to send a note of thanks to everyone at Harv's air that put together the FAAA exam prep. I took the test on Thursday and got very good grades. I felt I was slightly overprepared because of the details of your course. I will be sure to recommend pilottraining.ca to anyone needing a conversion in the future.

I wrote my Commercial written exam on the 26th here in Regina - I passed with 79% (attached).Thanks to all of you at Harv's air for a wonderful experience.
Now its on to the next step to get my flight test done.
Thanks again.

Just a quick note to let you know I passed my PPAER with a score of 98% yesterday.
Many thanks for the excellent online ground school, videos and supporting material. The availability of the online option really made a difference to me, as none of the school in my area had ground schools that fitted with my schedule, and the ability to study to my ownschedule (lunchtimes at work, late nights etc.) worked superbly.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and and also to tell you that the online courses you offer are great. I actually have taken all the courses and I would like to say that I have learnt a lot from them. And I do recommend this course to other fellow pilots.

Just wanted to drop you a line and say thanks for the ATP transition course that you put together. I passed with a 92% today by studying your course as my only preparation. It was very well done, and I will recommend it to all my US Pilot friends that would like to take the transition course.
System Chief Pilot/Virgin America

Hi Adam,
Just thought I'd let you know that I wrote the PPL exam in Calgary on Friday.
Overall Assessment: 96%
Air Law 85%
Navigation 100%
Meteorology 100%
General Knowledge 96.7%
Pretty happy with my mark. Enjoyed using your coarse and your new upgrades
look pretty good. Still have a least 15 hours of flight training to go and the check
ride but glad to have the exam out of the way. Keep up the good work.

I recently completed my PPL ground school with you. I managed 94% in the actual exam, so I was happy with that. I'm now thinking about how to get through my CPL ground school. Once again, my working regime, (ATC) doesn't fit in with my club's ground school programme.

90% on the test. Thanks for offering the great course, guys!

Hi Adam,
Thanks a lot. The online course was great. I did the TC written for the
Commercial exam and passed with a 74%. Thanks again!
Best Regards, DA.

Hi Adam,
Wrote my exam last week passed handily..smile Thanks for the course it really helped me get back on top of the material, though there's more I still need to review and cover on a continuous basis I am convinced I would not have passed the exam without the on-line access to the courses and quizzes..

I passed the PPL written exam yesterday. Your online groundschool was a great help. Thank you.
Best regards,

I just passed my written exam!!! I would like to thank you very much for how helpful you and your program have been in completing this portion of my license. Without it, it would have been extremely difficult, but your power point lessons and unit quizzes and practice examinations made this a much more attainable goal.
Thanks Again.

Have great news I passed my exam on monday with a score of 77%.
I would like to thank you guys for having a great course online. It really helped me get prepared. I think you guys have a great probuct and wish you all the best in 2008.
Thanks again

I wrote my test today and got an 82 overall. I passed my flight test yesterday so I now have my pilots license. I will be mailing you a check for your commercial ground school when i get the opportunity. Thanks again for providing this.

I wrote the PPAER today and passed with 91%. I want to thank you for an excellent ground school course. The material and practice exams prepared me perfectly for the TC exam. I finished in about half the allotted time despite an electrical problem that shut down the computer and my exam with only ten questions to go. I highly recommend the on-line course and I hope to be able to come to do some of my flight training in the future. Many thanks for making it so straight forward.

Thought I would let you know that I passed the PPL exam this afternoon thanks to the online ground school. My overall score was 86% so I am quite happy with that. Thanks for setting up the online ground school. It has made things easier for me!

Hey Adam,
Just wanted to inform you that I wrote and passed the Commercial Written
today. I scored 80% overall. It feels good to get it out of the way, now
for the flight test. Thanks again for everything.
Cheers, IM

Hello Adam,
Just a quick email to let you know that I went for the PPL written exam earlier this week. Got 94 % overall on it. All that's left now is for me to learn to fly the plane properly...(I am into circuits/landings). Instructors at my flying school were also quite impressed with my results.

I would like to inform you that I recently wrote my Private Pilot Examination and with hard work and a bit of luck, received a passing grade of 86.0% overall. I appreciate your ability to send the required letter of recommend and would also like to commend you for your excellent online ground school which prepared me sufficiently for the written exam. The online ground school made studying very convenient around a busy schedule, and for that I must thank you again. Attached is the result sheet. Best of luck with future students.

Hi Adam,
Hope you are doing well. Just thought you might be interested to know that another online student of your school has passed the exam with flying colors. I sat the test today and passed it with 82% mark. I thank you for the great product you are offering to help students like me in realizing their dreams. Please pass my regards and special thanks to Aaron for his excellent presentations of the subjects.

Wrote the exam this morning...95%!
The online final exams were great practice. Thanks.

FYI, I achieved 93% on my written test, so thanks
very much for providing me with such a great online
PPL course. I felt very confident going into the exam
with all the effort that has been put into creating the
website, the videos and the quizzes. I also appreciate
the help that Nathan Lynch has provided me in ironing
out some questions I had. You've helped me achieve
a childhoold dream and I for that I'm extremely grateful.
As far I'm concerned, the online course is an excellent
way to learn at your own pace. I fully intend to do my
CPL & IFR with you, starting in the next few weeks.

I am happy to report that I got 86% on my PPL exam today !!! One more hurdle crossed smile Being a Dad of 5 and running a full time Dental practice, an online ground school was the only option for me. It allowed me to study and review material on my schedule. It takes alot of self-discipline to sit and study at home, so it may not work for all, but for me it was a wonderful way to achieve my goal. Thanks to you and all at Harv's Air for offering this program.

This is a very good way to do my ground school. The online school allows me to complete my ground school in a way that i other wise wouldn't have time for.
The instructors in the videos seem to plenty years of experience and everything is organized to get the most out of your learning.

Hello Adam,
I just want to tell you I took my INRAT exam last thursday here in Montreal,
and I got a high score (88 percent). I want to thank you because your intrument
rating class was a big help to achieve this high score. I am going to buy now your Instructor rating class.

Love the groundschool!
It is great how you can read or watch the video on the material and it makes it very easy to learn everything about flying!!! thanks
J. P.

It is my first time following your groundschool courses and I would like to start off by saying congratulations on your 10th year anniversary, and the main reason why you guys have come such a long way is because of the quality of your courses. If i would have discovered this before i did my private, I would certainly have followed you guys all along. Thank you so much for providing all the quality material, I owe my success to you.

Hi Adam,
All done. For your stats: 92% Total. (CPL)
96% in meteorology and 90% in the rest! Thanks a lot, your website is bombastic!

I was in Moncton on Wednesday and took the Transport Canada PPL written test. Passed with 78%, so I was quite pleased. Thanks for your help.

Thank you, thank you and, thank you! About a month ago I signed up for your private pilot online ground school and a few days ago I passed my PPL written exam! I studied everyday during that month and I loved it. The teacher is great and the information is spot on.

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