How are the courses designed to be used?

When designing our courses we use the following rationale.

The courses are designed to help you learn in the style that works best for you. All courses include preparation for both the written examination, and the flight test. We give more content in different formats, giving you more options to learn the material. For example:

"To the point" presentations on what you must know for the exam as required by Transport Canada's written test guides. We also discuss the what, why, where, and how of the topic. We want you to not just know the material, but help develop the wisdom to keep you safe in real world flight operations.

Ground School Videos:
Provides a detailed explanation, often including several different perspectives. Watching all of the videos is not mandatory but suggested, especially if you are having difficulty with a topic. Aaron is our main ground school instructor and he is a fantastic teacher...with an interesting sense of humor!

In flight video.
We have video lessons from the very first discovery flight, all the way up to the multi engine instrument rating lessons. We believe that showing you what the exercise looks like will make you much better prepared. This will save you money and time. Instead of briefings taking 45 mins, you'll be ready in minutes, and you'll feel better because you know what to expect. Your instructor will like flying with you, because you are more prepared.

MP3 Audio:
Listen to ground school when you are driving/walking/running/whatever. Take ground school with you, not you to ground school. Make good use of your time.

Practice quizzes:
Hundreds of quizzes to practice with each course. All have detailed feedback and explanations to help you really understand the topic.

Flash cards:
Practice the material in a rapid fire technique.

IOS and Android App:
Take our multimedia material "on the road" Watch and listen to our content offline by downloading the material ahead of time.

Practice exams:
Realistic practice examinations based on feedback from previous students who have completed the exams.

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