Thanks to Harv's Air for a great course that prepared me for the CPAER examination. I scored 83% on first attempt. The test was not easy but also nothing too daunting thanks to your course having me well prepared.

Good evening,
Just to let you know, I have passed the FAAA exam today 12/04/2021.
Your course is very well put together, very well explained, your practice questions are very effective.
I will always recommend.
Thank you
C. L.

I wrote both the SARON/SAMRA this week and got 87.5% and 83.8% respectively.
I have a 4-year undergraduates degree, and have thus spent many hours listening to lectures... Aaron's teaching ability far exceeds that of any teacher/professor that I have ever had. he is clear and concise and keeps it interesting - I watched all the videos fully... Just thought maybe you could pass that on to him! He does a great job!

I'd like to thank the team at Harv's Air for putting together such a detailed course with tons of study materials.

I did all the practice exams including the locked ones and i went through the topic quizzes again. Having the reference when you get a question wrong is actually really helpful. If i got something wrong and i didn't understand why or if it didn't make sense, I'd click on the link and find out the reasoning behind it. Also redo the cross country practice quizzes and get good at it. Understand the maps and the questions, that's basically the NAV section of the exam. For MET section, make sure to know how to decrypt the GFAs, Icing and turbulence, METAR, TAFs, know unstable and stable air, thunderstorms, clouds. Also for AIR LAW, have a review of the p-star. A lot of the questions on that section on the exam I've seen in the P-star.

When prepping for the final, make sure when doing the practice exams, you understand the questions and answers. Don't memorize the answers.

Good luck to you all and thank you again Harv's Air Team.

PASSED MY CPAER!! Just wanted to say thank you sooo Much!!
The CPL course is well worth it, it prepares you well for success, i cannot recommend this product enough.

My exam was a fair succes (80%). Thanks for your online ground school. Great quality product.

Thats the reason I suscribe for the instrument rating ground school yesterday.

Have a great day!

Today I went and wrote my CPAER exam. I passed with 82%.

Firstly I want to reach out to all of your team, and say a huge thanks. Aaron is an amazing teacher. I don’t not say this lightly. I was sceptical at first about the entire online process, but I now know it works better than the local GS.

Thanks again for all you do Adam in corresponding.


t took me long enough, but I finally passed my written in August and last Friday (January 1st) my Flight test at 92%.


I want to Thank you for having such a great online course available to me. Without this course, I would still not be flying.



Thank you very much and thank you for the excellent content (MCC) of the online courses I had the chance to do.

Just passed written exam, 90% overall score! Thanks, the course really prepared me well. Practice exams were especially useful!
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