Thank you Harv's Air for putting together such an amazing course! Studying those long hours truly paid off. Questions were very similar and one question from W&B actually was in one of the practice exams. One should definitely pass after taking the course exactly as told and designed. Excellent program. :)

Hi, I just successfully completed my written PPL exam (86%). I don't know if I need to provide you the letter or if you need anything else. Anyway, thanks for the incredibly complete training! I'll miss my time with Aaron!

I just passed yesterday with an 86.7%. the online course was perfect for me as I like to go at my pace without driving into town for ground school. The material along with the videos were very helpful and a great stuffy tool for the exams. I think the practice exams were very similar, the only difference being the navigation questions in the TC exam were alot easier

Thank you very much Adam.

PilotTraining.Ca.is inseparable from my flying.

Aaron inspired me a lot. Hopefully I complete CPL soon and register ground school for Instructor rating or for Instrument rating.

Thanks again!

I passed my exam on April 22, 2022, with 80% score. I have been celebrating by sleeping a lot. I really struggled with practice exams which seemed extremely confusing at times and some questions needed detailed solutions. Because of tough practice exams, actual INRAT exam seemed relatively easy.

Without practice exams, I wouldn't have passed. Practice exams highlighted my weaknesses that I had to overcome -- a very important factor.

Thank you!

Thank you kindly for your promptness. It is so appreciated. Thank you also for providing this course. It has been so helpful and Aaron makes the material so entertaining!

With gratitude,
G. B.

Just want to say thank you for providing a reliable service that works as advertised.

Hi, here is my result for the CPAER exam taken this morning in Quebec, I would like to thank the whole team for the complete and professional theoretical training. Very nice training and I will not hesitate to recommend your courses! the exam questions looked a lot like your practice exams but worded differently, i think i had some easy mistakes, but at least a passed! In short, thank you again and lets get into the IFR world !!

I am just sending a very big thank you to the Pilottraning.ca team, I passed my PPL written with good scores in all four areas. Thanks again for all your help.


Took the FAAAA exam on Dec 3, 2021 and passed with no problem. Exam prep was right on. Easy to use and straightforward presentations. Thank you for your help.
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