I just thought I would let you know, I wrote the PPL exam and got 90% on 6 Sept, 2016. I will be taking the flight test soon after my review flight. Thanks guys, working full time, I couldn't have done the ground school without the online option. The instruction by Aaron is excellent and the practice quizzes and exams really helped me cement everything.

I had dreamt of flying 14 years ago but unfortunately had to walk away from it due to money and get another career first. At 38 years old, I am happy to say I still love flying and now I am one step closer to finishing what I once started. Thanks for all the help. I will see you in the future as I pursue higher level courses.

Thanks so much for your amazing service, my students are enjoying the course and those who have completed the course have done very well in the PPL final Transport exam. Average mark is over 90%!

Hi there

I've just completed your course on the FAAAA exam for Transport Canada.
The exam was much as you described and with some solid work through your courseware I was able to pass comfortably. Many thanks

Excellent! It was a very comprehensive course and I will not hesitate to recommend it to anyone I know who seeks this certification.

I took the CPL + IFR Combined Online Ground School Course with Harv's Air..It's been awesome and I passed my TC Written Exam Today..!! Really Happy..! Would definitely recommend it to my friends..!!

Thanks Adam, got 80%! I think the whole course is superb and extremely broad, don't want to know how many hours took me but, it's all worth it!

Good Morning Adam I was very pleased with my marks, your CPL ground school was amazing it prepared me extremely well for that exam. I will be signing up for your IFR ground school shortly. Thanks!

​Dear Adam Just want to say thank you for a great online learning experience, I look forward to seeing Aaron in the future. See you all in the wild blue yonder.

Thank you again. Wanted to reiterate how fundamentally great your sight is. I have gone to start my PPL 2 x over the last 10 years and found classes instruction, presentation, depth and ease of explanation ability, organization, and instructor teaching methods - across the board were a fraction as well laid out and understandable as your site. I know I will get thru it this time, and understand all required well. All private schools should do deals with you to use your program as the driver of their course instruction and their instructors more to manage the process and air exercise actual.

Adam FYI, I went and wrote the (PPL) exam yesterday. Passed with 83%. Your on-line program is very in-depth and really prepares you for the tests.
E. M.​
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