Hello Adam,

I Would like to thank you and the others at Harvsair for an excellent online IFR ground school.

I have attended lots of University schooling in my life and the IFR ground school was of superior standard. Well done.

I sat the INRAT on Friday and got very good marks (94%)

I have referred lots other prospects to Harvsair online ground school.

Dr. S

Hi Adam,
Just wanted to thank you for the course - for actually putting the effort in to make the presentations interesting and also to have a website that works well. I tried to do the Clarion course and it was so boring, clearly just a tape of a distance learning session, and so slow to load that I put it off until I ran out of time. Anyway, yours was great -so thanks again.

Thank you so much for everything. We have recommended this course to absolutely all UAV Operators we know.

I got 94% thanks to your commercial online groundschool. The lady at TC
wondered how I did so well! The course covers all the material, and the
practice exams are similar to the real exam. It's great value for money,
very convenient, and I'm going to recommend it to others.

Hi Pilot training TEAM!!!!
thank you very much I pass all my written and fly tests!!!! It was awesome!! I finished my CPL this week and next one I will already going to tart my instructor rating!! I will take your course too!!

So thank you very much
Bonne journée

Passed the TC INRAT today with 88%. Still have to get through the MIFR check ride but it's all coming along. I enjoyed the course although I did note that some information needs to be updated more frequently. There is more than ample information with all the videos and it's very well presented with nothing left out. Certainly recommended.

I passed and completed my Multi IFR Flight Test yesterday. It has been a great and wonderful journey with you guys. I did all my Ground stuff from PPL, CPL, Multi and Multi IFR with you guys and it turned out to provide me flying colours in the exams. Once again, thanks a ton for all the help and the resources provided. Way to go.


Your ground school is awesome! I got 93% on the PPL exam. There's no way I could have completed this in a classroom with my work schedule.

The price is an absolute steal. You've done a fantastic job with the content.

I'll be back for the IFR!

I don't know if we gave you this feedback yet... Both my 20 year old daughter and I, her 53 year old father, benefitted from pilottraining.com's online ground school this summer. We started your course May of 2016 and I wrote my Transport Canada Private Pilot Airplane written exam in July. My daughter wrote hers early in August. We scored 99% and 95% respectively ! I subsequently passed my flight test late in July and my daughter passed hers in mid August. That makes us satisfied and successful clients of yours - a big Thank You !

Hi Adam.
I just wanted to let you know that I did the TC PPL written portion today and passed with 94%. Thanks to Harv’s Air for putting together a very interesting, organized and comprehensive program. I couldn’t imagine one that is better. I will certainly be taking advantage of your more advanced courses as time goes on and the need arises.

Thanks again.
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