Hello Adam,

I wanted to express my gratitude to Harv’s Air for the exceptional experience I had with your ground school. Despite my demanding schedule as a dentist, I finally managed to complete the exam. The flexibility to study at my own pace from the comfort of my home was invaluable. The course structure was excellent, and the quizzes and practice tests were immensely helpful in building my confidence.

I particularly enjoyed Erin's teaching style, along with his amusing dad jokes. I also want to extend my thanks to David for his one-on-one classes, which greatly assisted me.

Yesterday, I sat for my TC PPL written exam in Hamilton, Ontario, and scored 83%. While this was slightly below my expectations, it wasn't a reflection of the quality of your online course. Rather, it was due to some avoidable errors, as I realized from the feedback provided on my results sheet. Areas like distinguishing between "which one is Incorrect" and discerning between AGL vs ASL proved to be tricky. Despite these challenges, I found the exam familiar, thanks to the comprehensive practice tests. In fact, I finished well before the allotted time.

I highly recommend that students review their tests to identify and rectify any mistakes, as I believe this could have significantly improved my score. Nevertheless, I am overall pleased with the entire experience.

Thank you once again for your support.


Just wanted to send a quick note over to say how much more informative and helpful the material is. Within the first few subjects I found information that would have been useful on the TC Exam.

I blew my CPAER exam unfortunately after using hang**r system, as there were a fair few questions that were not covered in their ground school including the duplex radio. I'm nearing the end of my ground school and already feel 100% more prepared and confident than i was before.

I passed the examination with 96% marks.

I concluded my exam effortlessly, questions seemed obvious and calculations were instantaneous after what i have learnt at this platform. Mnemonic's provided throughout the presentations helped me solve various questions.

I am glad that i opted to get trained at pilot training. ca every minute spent was well worth it.

Thanks to the entire team which made this platform possible.

Thank you

I just wrote my PPAER exam today and scored 97% to the surprise of most of the staff at the flight school! I found the instruction, particularly in the video component of the PPL course absolutely fantastic and completely comprehensive. The online format is polished and certainly makes ground school for someone who has a full time job and family commitments etc. very straightforward to manage. I will definitely be coming back for future ground schools as I go on to further training.

Great, thank you so much! I wrote on Wednesday and was able to pass with 90%! Big thank you to you and everyone at Pilot Training, the lectures were really well thought out and thorough, the practice exams were really well written, and the customer service is amazing, I can't tell you how much I appreciate everything!

I just wanted to let you know I passed the exam with a 91%. The training course was very good. Thanks for all your help. I will recommend it to my friends who are thinking of getting their CPL also.

I just wanted to let you know I passed the exam with a 91%. The training course was very good. Thanks for all your help. I will recommend it to my friends who are thinking of getting their CPL also.

I wrote my INRAT exam (scored 98%) today, and it was very similar to the practice exams on pilottraining.ca. If I had to do it again, I would buy this course again, as it prepared me extremely well for the actual exam.

Wrote the CPAER today, got 95% ! Can’t thank you guys enough, I did my PPL through you guys too, this is the second time I’ve scored in the 90’s.

Scored 82% on the first attempt (INRAT). The practice examinations really helped me to pass, thanks to Harv's air....Great course!

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