My result for the TC exam, as requested. (91%)

EVERYTHING was super similar to our practice exams. Excellent work to you guys. My instructors and other flight student from my local school thought I wouldn’t score as good compared to the rest of my classmates because I was doing the course online with your school. Turns out I got the best grade of all my CPL class. (I switched from the college diploma option to your school)

Last Tuesday I passed my TC exam,, results attached ,,,with a 96%
mark, and for that I have to thank you . I did not encountered any
subject in the exam that was not given in the course, Moreover the
question format is very similar to the format in the practice Exams
in your site.
I really have to thank you because I feel very satisfied with that
mark . Iam always aiming for perfect marks in my exams and your course
makes it very possible to achieve a very high ( almost perfect score
)..I will proceed now to get your CPL PLUS INSTRUMENTS course ,
Because It will help me remember and keep what I learned fresh in my
head, and so when I pass the practical and become a private pilot I
can be ready for the CPL Theory exam at least...
J R. P.

My first appointment for the written exam at Transport Canada got cancelled because of the strike action in the federal government. I finally got an appointment with an authorized examination invigilators. The appointment was today and I passed my PPL written exam with 89.8%.

I don’t have much comments about the TC exam. It was very similar to the practice exams and it shows by the fact that I got pretty much the same result as my practice exams!!!

Back as a teenager, I was not very good at keeping focussed and interested in my studies but, the way the pilottraining.ca material is presented (along with ma passion of flying) captured my attention and kept my wanting to study another chapter even when it was too late at night ????

I would like to thank Harv’s air for the great online ground school material... the slides are very well layed out and the videos, with all the detailed explanations and examples are awesome (Thanks Aaron).

Should I decide to do any of Instrument rating, Night rating or VFR OTT rating, I will definitely come back to pilotTraining.ca for ground school!!!

Thanks again!

Dear All,

Hope this finds everyone well.

As my time here draws to a close, I would like to thank you all for an excellent and educative course experience.

Thanks to David and Adam for their help on my many forum questions, and thanks to Aaron for his presentations, his jokes in these presentations make the experience much more enjoyable and less dull than it could've been.

Again, many thanks for being with me on this journey.

Till next time!

I’d like to take the time to thank you for the amazing coarse that you have put on. It really helped me understand the concepts that needed to be learned and applied towards my ppl testing and also flying. I went in yesterday to write my exam and passed with an average of 78.8%.

The wording on the exams (Transport Canada) was quite a bit confusing and rather head scratching. Some of my answers after the fact were a bit of a bone head move but all in all it feels like it followed your syllabus quite well.

Thanks again.

Hi Harv's Air, just want to say Thank You for everything, I passed my INRAT today at 84%

I look forward to doing more ground school with you in the future.

I just passed my PPL exam with 89% score

The Harvs air ground couse was definately worth the investment.
Great videos and study material.

Keep up the good work!

Here are my exam results, very happy with the outcome. Although I prefer to learn in a classroom environment, I felt the material was delivered very well. Big thanks to Aaron who I have become quite good buds with over the past few months whether he knows it or not!

Instructor online course

After hundreds of hrs and studying everyday I am pleased to announce that I passed the AIRAT exam with 88%.
This course is the best dollar value their is at $170.00 and I would highly recommend it to everyone.
After retirement and 45 years in airline aviation I decided to renew my instructors Class 2 and wow did I need to review tons of material that I had forgotten. The second part of the course on Air Exercises that covers the 30 required in the Flight Instructor guide is extremely helpful and saves you a lot of money because it gives you the knowledge to practice before you go with your Class 1 instructor. I am presently working on my air work and PGI’s and hope to do the flight test in the next few months.

I have been enrolled in your course for quite a while. Ha ha ha. Flying has always been an obsession and a huge passion to me. I'm a husband, and father of 2 young girls, and having that far distant dream seemed harder to catch.

Life being the way it was delayed the process, but 3 years ago for fathers day my family has bought me my Introduction flight as a surprise to begin the journey of flying!
I enrolled to your ground school ,as it gave me the freedom of studying at my own pace, with work and family. I really did my research, and spoke to my flight instructor as how they would recommend me completing that portion of training. The entire school kept saying your guys name.

I pushed for a long time,and time goes by so fast ! I just wanted to reach out and thank everyone at your institution for their hard work especially Aaron! He made it easy to understand and the humor was great too!
I wrote my PPL written test and passed the first write. It was challenging,but I must say the 7 practice exams were the key to dealing with the dreaded clock.

I will highly recommend anyone and everyone to your course if asked, what I did not attending physical classrooms.

Thank you once again,

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