Hey Harv’s Air team
I passed my written this morning!
Thanks for all the incredible material provided. The course is very well put together and I found myself very prepared for the exam and I’m very happy with my results!

The transport exam was very close to all your practice exams so well done if anything your practice exams were tougher with answers closer together!

Will certainly be back for any future training as my aviation career continues! This was the final part as I already have passed my flight test!

Thanks again! I will be sure to post a thread on the examination section for the groundschool!

In reply to comments about the TC exam. Have to say, Harv's Air does a very good job preparing students!
This course allowed me to pass the exam with ease. I found the main challenge was just the weird ways they phrase some of these questions.

The practice exams were very good practice.
I think if someone does them all two times they will be fine. I was getting about 85% average on mine. Some lower some higher and I got 85% on the exam. A fair reflection. Program was awesome! A bit overwhelming at times with information. But I think I learnt more then I would at my flight schools ground school. The practice exams do a great job deciphering what you need to know for the exam. Overall I’d give the online school 5 stars!!
Thanks so much,

I passed my CPAER today at the Toronto location with 92%.

I studied long and hard for the exam but the material you guys provided is unparalleled and set me up wonderfully for success. The practice exams and additional questions were very similar to the actual exam, there was few things that came as a complete surprise.

Thank you for the great preparation.


Thank you Harv's Air for putting together such an amazing course! Studying those long hours truly paid off. Questions were very similar and one question from W&B actually was in one of the practice exams. One should definitely pass after taking the course exactly as told and designed. Excellent program. :)

Hi, I just successfully completed my written PPL exam (86%). I don't know if I need to provide you the letter or if you need anything else. Anyway, thanks for the incredibly complete training! I'll miss my time with Aaron!

I just passed yesterday with an 86.7%. the online course was perfect for me as I like to go at my pace without driving into town for ground school. The material along with the videos were very helpful and a great stuffy tool for the exams. I think the practice exams were very similar, the only difference being the navigation questions in the TC exam were alot easier

Thank you very much Adam.

PilotTraining.Ca.is inseparable from my flying.

Aaron inspired me a lot. Hopefully I complete CPL soon and register ground school for Instructor rating or for Instrument rating.

Thanks again!

I passed my exam on April 22, 2022, with 80% score. I have been celebrating by sleeping a lot. I really struggled with practice exams which seemed extremely confusing at times and some questions needed detailed solutions. Because of tough practice exams, actual INRAT exam seemed relatively easy.

Without practice exams, I wouldn't have passed. Practice exams highlighted my weaknesses that I had to overcome -- a very important factor.

Thank you!

Thank you kindly for your promptness. It is so appreciated. Thank you also for providing this course. It has been so helpful and Aaron makes the material so entertaining!

With gratitude,
G. B.
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