Aeroplane Ground School

Let's get to the point. Multi engine flying is expensive. This course will save you money by being prepared and organized. This course cost less then .3 of multi engine time and will be a good investment. This course includes ground briefings and in flight video. Topics found on the multi...

The Glider Pilot Ground School course prepares students for the Transport Canada Glider Pilot Written exam (GLIDE). It includes all of the topics on the Glider Pilot Written Test Guide. Includes access to the PSTAR course and radio licence course. Clear and concise presentations for easy...

The Garmin GNS430W Ground School course prepares students for how to use the Garmin 430W in VFR and IFR operations. Includes presentations, videos, and practice quizzes. Course is valid for 90 days from any device for one user. A certificate of completion is included on completion of the course.
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