Commercial Operators

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This course prepares the candidate for the knowledge expected of a Operations Manager in a Commuter Operation. Includes presentations for all material including the Aeronautics Act, Canadian Aviation Regulations, Provisions of AOC, and Publications. Simulated Transport Canada multi choice...

The Garmin GNS430W Ground School course prepares students for how to use the Garmin 430W in VFR and IFR operations. Includes presentations, videos, and practice quizzes. Course is valid for 90 days from any device for one user. A certificate of completion is included on completion of the course.

Recent aviation industry reports have identified the number one cause of aircraft accidents/incidents are related to pilot loss of control. Emergency maneuver (or upset recovery) training has been industry wide identified in providing aircraft pilots the foundation of being a safe pilot and...

This course covers all the material required for the Controlled Flight Into Terrain (CFIT) Course required by Transport Canada for pilots working in a Air Carrier. A Certificate of completion is included. 90 days access from any computer for one student. Average course completion time is...

Initial Crew Resource Management, designed for AC 700-042 There are 2 parts to the CRM course: Part 1 is a online course that can be started any time, and completed at the students schedule. You may use the presentations, and/or videos, and/or audio recording to prepare for the quizzes. All...
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